CMS & E-commerce with Personalized digital experiences

CMS & E-commerce with Personalized digital experiences

Rubedo is the first “not only” CMS, a unique big data platform that goes beyond traditional content management

Why NoCMS?

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Rubedo transform your digital experience : open source CMS & E-commerce with Behavioral targeting

  • RUBEDO 2.2

    E-commerce features and behavioral targeting with "Magic Queries".



    A demonstration of Rubedo CMS. Designed to meet the challenges of Big Data, Rubedo uses a NoSQL database (MongoDB).

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Welcome to our new partners !

Rubedo partners in San Francisco, Chicago & Paris
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Another Innovation Award for Rubedo 2.2 !

This year Rubedo won the front-office award!! Rubedo team unveiled the content of their 2.2 version. On top of e-commerce blocks, Rubedo will now offer a new functionality allowing to personalize websites in real time.

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Rubedo 2.1.0 is available !

This new version allows you to manage different users of a website (visitors, members, team, …), their profile and their registration. New applications and new blocks are now available : newsletters, directory, user profile, subscription and unsubscription to a mailing-list.
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Rubedo 2.0.0 : SEO & quick to display

Optimize Your Website for Search Engine & Performance
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Rubedo CMS 1.4 create your responsive design

Create your responsive design and organize information from your pages on Rubedo CMS
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